Thursday, February 25, 2016

3-3 Word Cards Lesson III: Let it rain. - McGuffey's Third Eclectic Reader (revised edition)


Rose. See how it rains! Oh dear, dear, dear! how dull it is!
Must I stay in doors all day?
Father. Why, Rose, are you sorry that you had any bread
and butter for breakfast, this morning?
Rose. Why, father, what a question! I should be sorry,
indeed, if I could not get any.
Father. Are you sorry, my daughter, when you see the
flowers and the trees growing in the garden?
Rose. Sorry? No, indeed. Just now, I wished very much to
go out and see them,--they look so pretty.
Father. Well, are you sorry when you see the horses,
cows, or sheep drinking at the brook to quench their thirst?
Rose. Why, father, you must think I am a cruel girl, to
wish that the poor horses that work so hard, the beautiful
cows that give so much nice milk, and the pretty lambs should always
be thirsty.
Father. Do you not think they would die, if they had no
water to drink?
Rose. Yes, sir, I am sure they would. How shocking to
think of such a thing!
Father. I thought little Rose was sorry it rained. Do you
think the trees and flowers would grow, if they never had
any water on them?
Rose. No, indeed, father, they would be dried up by the
sun. Then we should not have any pretty flowers to look at,
and to make wreaths of for mother.
Father. I thought you were sorry it rained. Rose, what is
our bread made of?
Rose. It is made of flour, and the flour is made from
wheat, which is ground in the mill.
Father. Yes, Rose, and it was rain that helped to make the
wheat grow, and it was water that turned the mill to grind the
wheat. I thought little Rose was sorry it rained.
Rose. I did not think of all these things, father. I am truly
very glad to see the rain falling.

The new words for this lesson are: thirsty, daughter, quench, wreaths, and butter.

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