Tuesday, October 24, 2017

3-32 Lesson XXXII: The SOLDIER. - McGuffey's Third Eclectic Reader (revised edition)

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1. A soldier! a soldier! I'm longing to be:
The name and the life of a soldier for me!
I would not be living at ease and at play;
True honor and glory I'd win in my day.

2. A soldier! a soldier! in armor arrayed;
My weapons in hand, of no contest afraid;
I 'd ever be ready to strike the first blow,
And to fight my way through the ranks of the foe.

3. But then, let me tell you, no blood would 1 shed,
No victory seek o'er the dying and dead;
A far braver soldier than this would I be;
A warrior of Truth, in the ranks of the free.

4. A soldier! a soldier! Oh, then, let me be!
My friends, I invite you, enlist now with me.
Truth's bands shall be mustered, love's foes shall give way!
Let's up, and be clad in our battle array!

J. G. Adams.

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