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McGuffey's Fifth Eclectic Reader Contents


List of Illustrations
I. Preliminary Remarks
III. Inflections
IV. Accent
V. Emphasis
VI. Modulation
VII. Poetic Pauses
Alphabetical List of Authors
McGuffey's Fifth Reader. Selections in Prose and Poetry
I. The Good Reader
II. The Bluebell
III. The Gentle Hand
IV. The Grandfather
V. A Boy on a Farm
VI. The Singing Lesson
VII. Do Not Meddle
VIII. Work
IX. The Maniac
X. Robin Redbreast
XI. The Fish I Didn't Catch
XII. It Snows
XIII. Respect for the Sabbath Rewarded
XIV. The Sands O' Dee
XV. Select Paragraphs
XVI. The Corn Song
XVII. The Venomous Worm
XVIII. The Festal Board
XIX. How to Tell Bad News
XX. The Battle of Blenheim
XXI. "I Pity Them"
XXII. An Elegy on Madam Blaize
XXIII. King Charles II. and William Penn
XXIV. What I Live for
XXV. The Righteous Never Forsaken
XXVI. Abou ben Adhem
XXVII. Lucy Forester
XXVIII. The Reaper and the Flowers
XXIX. The Town Pump
XXX. Good-night
XXXI. An Old-Fashioned Girl
XXXII. My Mother's Hands
XXXIII. The Discontented Pendulum
XXXIV. The Death of the Flowers
XXXV. The Thunder-storm
XXXVI. April Day
XXXVII. The Tea-rose
XXXVIII. The Cataract of Lodore
XXXIX. The Bobolink
XL. Robert of Lincoln
XLI. Rebellion in Massachusetts State-Prison
XLII. Faithless Nelly Gray
XLIII. The Generous Russian Peasant
XLIV. Forty Years Ago
XLV. Mrs. Caudle's Lecture
XLVI. The Village Blacksmith
XLVII. The Relief of Lucknow
XLVIII. The Snow-storm
XLIX. Behind Time
L. The Old Sampler
LI. The Goodness of God
LII. My Mother
LIII. The Hour of Prayer
LIV. The Will
LV. The Nose and the Eyes
LVI. An Iceberg
LVII. About Quail
LVIII. The Blue and the Gray
LIX. The Machinist's Return
LX. Make Way for Liberty
LXI. The English Sky-lark
LXII. How Sleep the Brave
LXIV. Supposed Speech of John Adams
LXV. The Rising
LXVI. Control Your Temper
LXVII. William Tell
LXVIII. William Tell (Concluded)
LXIX. The Crazy Engineer
LXX. The Heritage
LXXI. No Excellence without Labor
LXXII. The Old House-clock
LXXIII. The Examination
LXXIV. The Isle of Long Ago
LXXV. The Boston Massacre
LXXVI. Death of the Beautiful
LXXVII. Snow Falling
LXXVIII. Squeer's Method
LXXIX. The Gift of Empty Hands
LXXX. Capturing the Wild Horse
LXXXI. Sowing and Reaping
LXXXII. Taking Comfort
LXXXIII. Calling the Roll
LXXXIV. Turtle Soup
LXXXV. The Best Kind of Revenge
LXXXVI. The Soldier of the Rhine
LXXXVII. The Winged Worshipers
LXXXVIII. The Peevish Wife
LXXXIX. The Rainy Day
XC. Break, Break, Break
XCI. Transportation and Planting of Seeds
XCII. Spring Again
XCIII. Religion the Only Basis of Society
XCIV. Rock Me to Sleep
XCV. Man and the Inferior Animals
XCVI. The Blind Men and the Elephant
XCVII. A Home Scene
XCVIII. The Light of Other Days
XCIX. A Chase in the English Channel
C. Burial of Sir John Moore
CI. Little Victories
CII. The Character of a Happy Life
CIII. The Art of Discouragement
IV. The Mariner's Dream
CV. The Passenger Pigeon
CVI. The Country Life
CVII. The Virginians
VIII. Minot's Ledge
CIX. Hamlet
CX. Dissertation on Roast Pig
CXI. A Pen Picture
CXII. The Great Voices
CXIII. A Picture of Human Life
CXIV. A Summer Longing
CXV. Fate
CXVI. The Bible the Best of Classics
CXVII. My Mother's Bible

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