Thursday, October 15, 2015

2-6 Word Cards Lesson V: Afraid in the dark. - McGuffey's Second Eclectic Reader (revised edition)



bet ween' ... bu'reau (-ro) ... stairs ... nee'dle ... a fraid' ... shad'ow ... held ... stir

1. "Willie, will you run upstairs, and get my needle book from the bureau?"
2. But Willie did not stir. "Willie!" said mamma. She thought he had not heard.
3. "I'm afraid," said Willie.
4. "Afraid of what?"
5. "It's dark up there."
6. "What is the dark?" asked mamma. "See! It is nothing but a shadow."
And she held her hand between the lamp and the workbasket on the table.
7. "Now it is dark in the basket; but as soon as I take my hand away, it is light."
8. "Come and stand between the lamp and the wall, Willie. See! There is your shadow on the wall. Can your shadow hurt you?"
9. "Oh no, mamma! I am sure it can not hurt me."
10. "Well, the dark is only a big shadow over everything."
11. "What makes the big shadow, mamma?"
12. "I will tell you all about that, Willie, when you are a little older. But now, I wish you would find me a brave boy who is not afraid of shadows, to run upstairs and get my needlebook."
13. "I am bravo, mamma. I will go. --Here it is."
14. "Thank you, my brave little man. You see the dark didn't hurt you." 

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