Wednesday, June 18, 2014

2-29 Word Card Lesson XXIX: The Little Hill. - McGuffey's Second Eclectic Reader (revised edition)

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2-29 Word Card Lesson XXIX: The Little Hill. - McGuffeys Second Eclectic Reader (revised edition)



rip'pling fringe stray thou mill
vil'lage brink clear wild hill
course bathe tiny pool rill


1. Run, run, thou tiny rill;
   Run, and turn the village mill;
   Run, and fill the deep, clear pool
   In the woodland's shade so cool,
   Where the sheep love best to stray
   In the sultry summer day;
   Where the wild birds bathe and drink,
   And the wild flowers fringe the brink.

2. Run, run, thou tiny rill,
   Round the rocks, and down the hill;
   Sing to every child like me;
   The birds will join you, full of glee:
   And we will listen to the song
   You sing, your rippling course along.

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