Friday, June 20, 2014

2-27 Word Card Lesson XXVII: The Sparrow. - McGuffey's Second Eclectic Reader (revised edition)


1. Glad to see you, little bird;
   'Twas your little chirp I heard:
   What did you intend to say?
   "Give me something this cold day"?
2. That I will, and plenty, too;
   All the crumbs I saved for you.
   Don't be frightened—here's a treat:
   I will wait and see you eat.
3. Shocking tales I hear of you;
   Chirp, and tell me, are they true?
   Robbing all the summer long;
   Don't you think it very wrong?
4. Thomas says you steal his wheat;
   John complains, his plums you eat—
   Choose the ripest for your share,
   Never asking whose they are.
5. But I will not try to know
   What you did so long ago:
   There's your breakfast, eat away;
   Come to see me every day.

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